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April 15th, 2008

Whoa, look, it's me! I've been missing in action in a serious way and there must have been some dendrite or synapse or something that went off in my brain yesterday that made me remember, "Hey, Sara, stop neglecting LJ." I know that's basically what every post is about but I'll try and be a better e-mom. I just hope this isn't indicative how I would be as a real life mom, lol jk brb ttfn lmao rotfl bff!
So for lack of better things to write about and reason to blow the last 15 minutes at work is my list of media midnight purchases. For some reason, don't ask why, I feel the need to make a Wal-Mart run at midnight the day any CDs/DVDs are released (ones that I hardcore like, at least). No, I'm not going to go home and watch it right away... who are you kidding?? I gotta work at 7! Do I get rewarded with a cookie or medal whenever I make said purchases the minute they come out (literally)? Nope. Do I have a massive crowd there, cheering me on as I proudly make my way to the checkout with my prized DVD? Absoluately not. Do I oddly feel a sense of pride and accomplishment just knowing I am the first in Green Bay, the Midwest, heck, maybe even WISCONSIN to own that particular item? Yes. There's your answer. Can't really explain it, it's just one of my "things." A quirk, if you will. So, please, indulge in the list of all my midnight purchases and feel free to leave any kudos, send cards and chocolates, and in general, just admire me for the awesomeness that I radiate just for being the first person to hold a dumb movie/CD in my hand:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
OAR (by accident) - Between Now and Then
Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Simple Life 3
Simple Life 4 (you're all amazed, I know)
The OC season 3 (opened the box on the palette myself, thank you)
Across the Universe
Sweeney Todd (had to beat eight groups of people for that bugger!)
Juno (my most recent midnighter)


Stay tuned for a real post. One day.

December 12th, 2007


Stream of conciousness here... just kind of typing out of boredom because of training.

I am super duper excited for New Years 2008, just gotta throw that one out there. I'm spending it in Chitown with the boy (first NYE together so that's big) and spending it in a city like Chicago? WOW. Not to mention his married friends, Ed and Estie, are house, I'm sorry, mansion-sitting for Ed's uncle who's traveling in Rome for 10 months so they're thinking of hosting a party in said mansion. *tingles, yay!* December is definitely flying by so NYE will be approaching rapidly.

Speaking of December, I'm extremely proud of the fact that I have my Xmas shopping 90% finished. Go me! My goal is to be completely done over the weekend; I already have the gifts I bought all wrapped and sitting happily under the tree. Normally I'm a "week or two before Christmas" gal but trying to change my procrastinating ways. Next year I'm going to shoot for early December. Baby steps, people.

Just a quick shout out to Starbucks: props on your caramel apple spice. Loves it!

Omg I think that our trainer is going to let us out early. It's 11:38 am. Holy crap. I was going to write more but I think it's time to sign off.... I'll be back later if we don't peace out!
1. Have you had any relationships this year? Yes

2. Have you had your birthday yet? Yes, and it was an absolute blast... I think I had more fun than my 21st

3. Kissed two people in the same night? In 2007, yes, I think I kissed like SID and Jenny on New Years but it was just a peck so that prob doesn't count.

4. Been on a diet? In 2007, no diets

5. Pulled an all nighter? No (I have before, though)

6. Drank Starbucks? Ohhh yes, caramel apple cider, please!

7. Went camping? Unfortunately not this year, damn work.

8. Bought something(s)? I'm a girl. There's your answer.

9. Met someone special? Yes, new friends :)

10. Been out of the country? No, unless you count MN (haha jk, Decker)

11. What are you thinking about? Right now, Medicaid, since I'm training in Oshkosh. Thinking about New Years in and out.

1. Hugged someone? Of course

2. Slept in someone elses bed? Yes 

3. Got a job? Two of 'em! 

4. Loaned out money? Not any large amounts at all

5. Gotten in a car accident? No, and hope not to!

6. Gone over your mobile phone bill? Hahaha plenty times.... stupid day time calls.

7. Been called a slut? Nope

8. Done something you regret? No

1.Last person you hugged? Linds

2. Last person to call you? Mark

3. When was the last time you felt stupid? Sometimes at training I feel completely lost, but then again so does everyone else.

4. Who did you last yell at? My brah

5. What did you do today? Got up, met up with my co-workers, drove to Oshkosh for training, and here I am! Tonight is work at Younkers *le sigh*  

1. Hometown? Green Bay, WI

2. Natural hair color? Brown

3. Shoe size? 8.5

4. Hair style? Longer (not as long as I'm normally used to, though!)

5. Eye color? Brown

6. Height? 5'7"

7. Pets? A fish that's still hangin on and my cat, Milo

8. Mood? I was super tired (slept on the way to Oshkosh) but waking up now... that morning bagel helped

9. Where would you rather be? Well first off, I'd rather it be warm out and then I'd want to be at an outdoor bar or some type of fest with my bf and good friends. If it still had to be winter, then I'd want to spend it with the same people just lounging around in our PJs, eating pizza and watching a shitload of reality TV or episodes upon episodes of The OC.

10. What was the last thing you drank? Coke Zero

1. Have you ever been in love: Am :)

2. Do you believe in love? Yes

3. Why did your LAST relationship fail? Distance

4. Have you ever been heartbroken: I have, but not in '07.

5. Have you ever broken someone's heart?: Not this year

6. Have you ever fallen for your best friend? No

7. Have you ever loved someone but never told them? No

8. Are you afraid of commitment? Nope 

9. Have you had more than 5 different serious relationships in your life? Not serious

1. Are you missing someone right now? Yeah

2. Are you eating anything? Not at the moment but I just finished my popcorn (mmmm!)

3. Do you like someone right now? Well I really like all my friends and I love Mark soooo yes.
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November 12th, 2007

(no subject)

You all know how this post is about to begin... sorry for not posting and yadda yadda yadda.
Past all that jazz.
Since my last update, trying to think of anything really noteworthy that's happened.
I visited Decker and Beep in Hastings, MN after I had quit United Healthcare and had a couple days off. Spent Thursday through Sunday in the land o' lakes and it was quite the time! Had long chats on her balcony while sipping on some MGDs, spent $300 between the two of us at New York & Company (oops!) at the MOA, and went to one of my all time fave movies now, Across the Universe. If you have the chance to see it (I dunno why you wouldn't), I highly recommend. Sunday was a gray, rainy day when I had to traverse back to the Geebers but it was a stellar weekend nonetheless.
The next day I started my job at Brown County and I am absolutely loving it so far! I train with 3 other girls and I feel like we're all pretty tight-knit so I got lucky. I know that it stinks when you're stuck with people you can't stand *nudge nudge, Kimmy* But it's wonderful. We go to Oshkosh about every other week for 2-4 days for training... get to take the company-owned vehicle and get reimbursed up to $16 for lunch - sweet! There are other counties involved in said Oshkosh training and I feel we are way far ahead of them so that's awesome news. We do all these independent studies in our offices so that's prob the reason. Oooohh another amazing thing about the county is that we have flex scheduling so I can basically work whenever I want, as long as I get in my 37.5 hours per week. Essentially I'm done at noon on Fridays :) Don't hate. 
On top of Brown County I just picked up a part time job at Younkers as a seasonal, possibly permenant part time associate. I'm just a cashier/sales associate for womens. Started last week and worked over the weekend. At first I was a little iffy about the job but it really isn't that horrible. Didn't have any bad customers so far *knock on computer screen* So we'll see how that pans out.

Hmm, other big things that happened:
- Had my quarter barrel party in mid-October which went over pretty well, I'd have to say so myself. SID and Brandon were visiting from the Milwaukee area and we met out the rest of the crew at Shenanigan's. Despite losing my peacoat, it was an all and all good night full of free beer and dancing to MMMBop.
- Celebrated Halloween in GB with Mark, Kimmy, Linds and company over H-ween weekend. I was Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill and Linds was the nurse (Elle Driver). Mark went as Dog while Kimmy went as Beth, his wife. It was hilarious. When pics are posted, I'll letcha know!
- Had to sub in for volleyball. Now this may not seem to be anything worth writing about but trust me, it is. I don't mind playing basketball, tennis, even touch football... but when it comes to volleyball, ummm no. For some reason I just hate playing that sport. That was def considered a hate crime (though I do have to point out that all but one of my serves made it in! and a few other balls at that). My "hard work" was paid off for in Diet Cokes whislt we celebrated Beth's 24th that eve.
- Random book throwing, lighting lighters, and Wal Mart excursions with Kimmy. This happens pretty much every week.
- More Across the Universe helpings for this gal.
- Chicago trips visiting Mark, shopping at premium malls, outings downtown, Palermo's.
- NEW BACKSTREET BOYS CD!!! Stop rolling your eyes, haha.

- Cirque du Soleil - this Thursday night! Super super super super super pumped! My mom's taking me for an early Xmas gift. Saw one of them my junior year of HS and cried, it was so amazing. Woohoo!
- Chicago for the weekend and Dan's "surprise" bday party a couple weekends after that. 
- Katie and Jessie's second annual Thanksgiving Eve party next Wednesday. Hands down their best party ev-er (when they held it last year), trumping any prior Noshes. Cannot. Wait. This was the party last year when Linds and I were stranded (literally) downtown until 4:30 am last year due to DD's bailing out and incoherent taxi drivers. We were seriously the only two people sitting around in the deserted downtown area. It was amazing.
- 1st annual Winter Beer Olympics - the first annual Beer Olympics were held during Memorial Day weekend but we are now introducing a little snow in the mix. Outside. Should be interesting. I wonder if ice sculptures will be one of the categories? Chainsaws + beer = ............

Apologies again for the novela of a post. I will try to keep them more updated. Since I actually have access to this thing now, maybe entries won't be so few and far between :)

September 16th, 2007

And she's back...

Wow, this thing has gotten rusty. Gone are the days of college when I'd run into the arms of LJ, longing for some form of procrastination. Sadly enough, I can't really procrastinate from work so there's my sore excuse for not updating. Not that I always have "plans" at night but I have some semblance of a social life. And shopping. At least Thursday night routines of Bar East volleyball and BWW's, can't break that.
Looked at my last mono-infested entry and trying to think of anything relevant that's actually happened since then.
Got to spend a long Labor Day weekend in Chicago with Mark :) Two weekends in a row! That must be a record for us. Did some outlet shopping at Guess, went out to Zella (a bar), had some amaaaazing taquito-esque appetizers at Rock Bottom, hung out in his friends impressive basement (sound system sounds like a club essentially), had some staple Chicago food, deep dish pizza... it was quite the time!
Oh! News. Got myself a new job :) No more insurance for this lady. The new job is at Brown County Human Services and basically I'm a case worker for low income families that need referrals for assistance programs. Pretty sweet! At least it has to do with my major. Though working at home would have been nothing short of amazing, I'm pumped to actually be doing something that I enjoy. First day there is Oct 1st (sadly having to miss the Maroon 5 concert with Decker.. blast!) and the last day at United is the last Wed of Sept., then planning on visiting Decker and Beep in MN that Thurs through Sun. Woot woot.
Oh more news. So as you all may know, Jenny K graced WI with her presence for this past week. From sunny Monterrey, CA to the now chilly Green Bay, WI, that's right. She was here from the 8th until today and acted as my pseudo roomie, staying on the top bunk and having to deal with my incessant alarms that go off Mon-Fri. Some highlights of what we did over the past week:
- Appleton for Chili's and some shopping
- swimming and hot tubbing at Lindsey's new place, TMI at Legends
- met up with Kathleen, Melissa, Lisa L, and Kristen at the Naw
- BAG with Decker, her mom, Jeff, Dain and our new ugly, Mike
- Applebee's, clearance shopping, and rental movies with Kimmy
- costume shopping, volleyball, and B-dubs for the tradish Thurs night
- more Naw on Fri night with Kimmy (in a business suit, mind you!), Wendy, Tricia, and some unwanted company
- more B-bubs on Sat along with Super Troopers and Shenanigan's with SID and Brandon (met up with Katie, Jeff, the crew) where I proceeded to win a free quarter barrel party, thanks to the help of Brandon and his boxers! (haha long story)
Phew! Definitely a fun week and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Felt like the week went by forever but didn't want Jenny to leave this morning :| Now back to real life. Although I only work Mon-Wed and a half day Thurs so it won't be too too bad (hopefully). Just trying to use up my PTO before I'm done.
See you kids later!

July 9th, 2007

5 day weekend, woot woot!


May I take a moment to point out that this is quite the feat for me, updating my journal within a couple weeks! Gold star for Sara.

So my five day weekend is coming to a close, quite depressing. I know that I shouldn't whine, I was lucky to have off Thursday and Friday following the 4th (of course using PTO might I add) but Sundays in general are always depressing in nature, unless you're in school or have a part time job.

Tuesday night I decided to brave the pouring rain to make the 3 hour trek to Chicago (I'm being dramatic, it was only pouring rain for approx 15 mins). After enjoying the best smelling ride there (after rain smell, mmm!) I spent the night at Mark's then we were off to Green Bay on Wednesday morning to enjoy the 4th with my "posse" downtown Green Bay. Got a couple hotel rooms with my friend Kim and her boo, Brad, and met up with Linds, Kathleen, Katie, Jeff, Jessie, etc etc. The day was filled with Miller Lite, funnel cake, kettle corn, hamburgers, and other such goodies that leave a party in your mouth*. Kind of remember there being loud noises and flashes in the air later on at night then made our way to Maloney's and Firehouse. More beer and shots to be consumed, not aiding at all in the headaches that were to follow the next morning. Stumbled back to the hotel room at about 1:30 am and we were all out cold. Thursday Mark and I were back to Chicago since he had to work. Met up with Billy and K-herb *yayyy!* at Applebee's then did a little shopping at Target and Kohl's while Mark was slaving away with a hangover (I'm sure that wasn't exactly the definition of a good time). Friday brought a nice dinner at Palermo's (Best. Pesto. Ever. Even better than the pesto at Little Italy in Boston) and browsing through the wonder that is Borders. Saturday was relaxing, we were planning on a bike ride but we weren't really feelin' the 90+ weather with 1,000% humidity so we decided on a movie, Michael Moore's "Sicko" which essentially explores the (many) evils of health care.** I recommend. Today was another relaxing, sunny day. Had some lunch at Applebee's with Mark and then it was soon time to head back to peace up A-town (aka Ashwaubenon). Before I loaded up my precious Vidal for the journey home, Mark's mom said she had something for me and whipped out... *drum roll please* an IPASS!!!! I've been meaning to get one of those things for months and months on end and for some reason, always forget to pick one up whenever I'm down thurr. I was absolutely elated; gone are the days of sitting in your idling car, waiting for that asshole who can't seem to toss their coins into the two foot-wide toll funnel and have to get out of their car to pick up every single quarter. Gone are the days of driving down with Kimmy, sans an iPass, accidently missing the cash tolls and going through the open road tolling when I'm too busy freaking out over the phone rather than handing Kimmy the damn 80 cents. Oh no. You'll be seein' this girl going "65 mph" with my top down (well, not really), whizzing by the open tolls. After giving her a big hug I immediately called to activate my little white box of wonders. My "thank you" card will be in the mail! On the way home I swung by the Lake Forest Oasis for some late lunch with Kathleen where she presented me with a fabulous homemade nightlight (of sorts) with decoupaged pics of her and I on it (collective "awww!"). Loves it!

Got a call from Jeff and Beth, asking if I'd want to swing by Beth's aunt's place for a little post-4th soiree. Hmm in-ground pool? Count me in. Stayed there for a couple hours then once it hit 8:30 it was time to go home (finally). Just got back around 11 and am really not looking forward to work tomorrow. I switch from my four 10 hr days to five 8's (arrrgh). No more sleeping in on Thursdays *le sigh* Oh well. I guess I have the plus sides of this past week(end): seeing Mark, "Sicko," my iPass, lunch with 'Leen, and swimming. Oh! There is also a double episode of "Girlfriends" on Sunday nights (don't ask... black sitcom I watch religiously. I don't have cable).

Have a good week, kids. Make good decisions.

*Taking this time to interject with my fave quote from Jenny K. We were at the SNC caf and she was having something that tried to resemble breakfast pizza. When asked how it was, Jenny replied, "It's like a party in my mouth... only none of the cool kids were invited," now this is where I proceed to spit out water in laughter and swear to myself that is how I will describe mediocre-tasting foods from here on forth.
**Reason I saw said movie is since I work at United Health, I was intrigued by what Mr. Moore discovered. I need to remain somewhat censored here (freedom of speech only goes so far), but it was a jaw-dropping experience (not in a good way). The terrorists housed at Guantanamo Bay receive better (read: free) and more comprehensive health care than Americans. Same goes with Canadians, the British, the French, and probably countless other countries. Example: One guy couldn't receive a bone marrow transplant because it was considered "experimental" and not "scientifically proven" (covering my ass: this was not United but another insurance company). Oh really? Not scientifically proven? Tell that to his wife who will end up having to shell out thousands more for his funeral (which occurred just weeks later, might I add).

June 25th, 2007

Here I am, world.

Deepest apologies, I "ditto" with T's comment regarding the utliization of LJ to procrastinate from college HW versus a big girl job, which, in all reality, you can't procrastinate from caaaaause it's kind of mandatory. I also blame my hiatus from LJ on my fling with Facebook but LJ is officially a blocked site from work now so scratch that. Nothing too interesting thus far this summer, I'll try my best to summarize in one post but it will be a feat seeing as how I have a tendency to ramble. Accept the fact.

Some highlights since my last post.....

* My dad's 50th - Glaser side of the fam came over for a cookout to celebrate my dad's big 5-0. Went off without a hitch, let me tell you! All my crazy aunts attended as well as a couple friends (Jeff and Kim). The day was filled with bocce ball, testicle toss, and of course, a growing favorite of the Glaser clan, Flip Cup: Inferno. No, they aren't drunks, it's a growing fave because we play it once a year at cookouts now (starting last year) so it's deemed a special occassion to be able to play it. Team Bunny prevailed and claimed our victory over Team Ramrod by going out to some outdoor bars after the party died down a bit. It was definitely a late waker-upper the next day. 
* Beer Olympics - Katie and Co. planned the first annual Beer Olympics, held at our friend, Ryan's place (absolutely MASSIVE backyard). There was a registration table and everything, Katie had even the minute details down pat! Katie manned said table, collecting the $5 fees and distributing cups. We were each paired with another teammate and at times were paired with another team if the game required it (aka flippy cup). Other activities included testicle toss, beanbags, volleyball, and beer pong. As the team spirit and coordination watered down it was time to start up a fire in what now used to be a fire pit. Why do I use the past tense? Hm, well after what party-goers thought would be a great idea to throw in wedding pics of Ryan and his ex-wife in the fire (I think it was more just Ryan and Nick doing the disposal of the ex), Nick and Ryan decided "let's throw in anything remotely related to the ex!". Enter the CD player. Not sure if it was a gift from the ex-wife or what but electronics were definitely thrown into that thing. At this point the fire is essentially raging, everyone moved their chairs back a good 10 feet. Next thing they toss in? Oh. Oh. A massage chair (well, one of those massage thingies you put on the back of a chair). Everyone was yelling at Ryan to salvage it but it was too late, the wires were melting and the materials aflame as we all stared on in disbelief. The next thing tossed was random but the most dangerous, an entire jar of tomato juice. An entire GLASS jar. Not fun. About 15 mins after that sucker was thrown in, about a quarter of the people had some type of lesion on their hands/feet after it literally exploded. All in all it was a fabulous event aaaaand definitely cannot wait until next year (apparently we are voting on/changing backyards every four years just like the real thing, how clever, right? I guess they still plan on these Beer Olympics when they're in their early 30's lol, I love my friends).
* My 23rd - Lazed around the house a majority of the day (note, this was the day after aforementioned Olympics) then went to Grazie's for my free bday dinner with some of my bestests. Headed to 'Duzzie's and the Bar West for the free bday drinks and then downtown to Shenanigan's for some spicy shuffleboard action. Apparently I was deeming anything and everything as hate crimes that night from us staying at Katie's to stopping at Walgreen's on the way home, lol. Big thanks to everyone who made it out, I definitely had an amazing time and missed everyone who wasn't there, especially my birthday twin, Jenny!!!
* Visiting Mark - Anytime! Last time I saw him, though, was over a month ago and it's killin' me! Got to see the boyfriend the weekend before my birthday and had a blast. Had the luxury of staying at a Mariott in Bolingbrook (suburb about 15 mins from where he lives) and not just any suite, a whirlpool suite :) Definitely a memorable weekend. Next time I get to see him will be the week of July 4th, which is up next.....
* July 4th - Okay, I know it hasn't happened yet but I am super super pumped (as I always get over the 4th!) but even moreso this time because Mark is spending it in GB, yayyyyy :) Met him 3 years ago on the 4th in downtown GB (some of you were there) so it will def be nostalgic, but in a good way! Spending the day with Mark, Kim, Brad, Jeff, Katie, Jessie, Ryan, Linds and Garret (maybe), and whomever else decides to show. Normally run into randoms from HS as well. An 80's cover band I went to see a  number of months ago, Replica, will be playing as well as Separate Ways, a Journey tribute band *double yay* Also staying at the Holiday Inn with Mark, Kim, and Brad so a) won't have to cab it back from the downtown bars seeing as it's right on the river, and b) no porta-potties! Corn on the cob, crab rangoons, Mark, great friends, shitty/amazing bands... it'll be a good one :)
* Seeing long distance buds - aka Decker and Kathleen. Although just for a short period of time, I am absolutely elated when I get to spend time with my girls, all of you guys! Makes me happy to think that we can still continue to keep touch though literally hundreds of miles apart. (Btw Kimmy, it's been WAY too long! Over a year and a half *gasp!*)
* Last week of July - Casey visits!!!! 'Nuf said.

Sorry about the novela of a post. I will honestly try to update this baby more often, don't want this thing to get rusty. I miss you all like crazy and look forward to reading about all your marvelous summer anecdotes!

April 24th, 2007

(cont. from previous Boston post)

Friday we were planning on going to the Salem Witch Museum and the Sam Adams Brewery tour but we had decided we were big enough nerds the first two days and decided to explore downtown Boston since it was a relatively nice day out. Walked around Newberry Ave which is their equivelant to a Rodeo Dr or Magnificant Mile. Prada, Gucci, Guess, Juicy, Chanel, you name it, it was there. Enjoyed the scenery at Boston Commons, their "Central Park" and admired the swans you ride in that they have to push out in the middle of the pond at night so the hobos don't sleep in them (per Casey). I had heard of a Little Italy so after asking two t-shirt vendors and walking about 20 mins later, we came upon Little Italy. TONS of Italian eateries, all authentic of course. Ate at Cafe Pompeii where we had the BEST BEST BEST mozerella sticks in the universe. I'd have to say my pesto was to die for as well. The owner of the bar, some greasy 45 year old Italian guy decided it'd be a good idea to sit there and literally pet my hair. Interesting. Trudged back to the train station after walking what seemed like a hundred miles and went back to Caseum's. That night we got ready to go out after incessantly jumping on Casey's bed and messing up his room. Met up with our friend from GB, Jeremy, who was in town working for the upcoming marathon, at Beantown Pub downtown for some drinks and appetizers. I had a longing desire to go to a bar Casey's roommate was telling me about called the Liquor Store. There is a dress code but once inside you are served forties in paper bags AND to top the classy dress/shitty drink atmosphere, there is a mechanical bull. Now, tell me, how magical would that be to sit around in pointies, drinking out of a paper bag, watching the drunk hooties and tools ride the bull? That's my kind of Friday night (and I'm not being facetious). Ended up Jeremy's friend, Amanda, who had joined him was wearing tennies, thus we couldn't go to the one bar I was yearning to go to. I would seriously fly back to Boston just to experience a bar like the Liquor Store, lol. Basically all the bars either a. had a long line, b. had a cover, or c. were packed to the brim. We settled on a bar that reminded me of Ned Kelly's (a downtown GB bar) for 30 somethings. Had to pay a $5 cover which wasn't a biggie but I was a little disappointed for the most point just because I could have picked out maybe 20 bars like that in Green Bay. Whatevs! Life goes on.

Though Friday night didn't turn out as planned and was a downer we didn't get all that tipsy, it was a blessing in disguise because the next day was *ta-daaaaaa!* SIX FLAGS!!!!!! The idea of being hungover on a rollercoaster wasn't exactly appealing to me so realy, I saved myself a lot of money and headaches (probably vomit as well, I apologize for the visual). Linds, Casey, his roommate Chadlyr (who is obsessed with coasters) and I all hopped in our rental mini Cooper (which I renamed the "mini Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts"... OC fans get it) and drove to Springfield, Mass, about an hour and a half away. Sunny, low 50s (so a smidge chilly for riding on coasters) and opening day, it was perfect. Surprisingly not a huge crowd, I'm assuming due to the temperature. I was finally on my first coaster since summer of 04 and it felt gooooooooooooood. Went on every rollercoaster there, including the #1 rated steel rollercoaster in the world, oh yes, the world. Totally beat out Raging Bull (which has been my fave coaster since it opened in the late 90's). Linds and I had been planning on going out in Fenway that night, a city about a half hour from Boston, to an apparently famous club called Avalon but after an entire day of coasters, your legs really aren't in much of a mood for heels, more or less dancing. Made it home around 11:30 pm and we crashed around midnight. A little upset we couldn't see the "big city clubs" but Six Flags was well worth it. I'll take coasters over dancing :)

The dreaded day was upon us... Sunday. Time to fly back to the homeland. Wow, is it ever depressing flying over Wisconsin. What a boring ass state! Though I can't bash it, it really isn't that horrible but man is it a bitch to fly over. Landed in GB around 3:30 pm CT and after zooming through a summary of my vacation to my parents I jumped into my velour and took a much needed four hour nap.

Now it's back to reality. Except maybe in a few months for the potential trip to CA..........  ;)

Remember me?


*Note: Longer post due to Boston update. This will have to be a two-parter.

Damn work, Facebook, Myspace, and American Idol (namely Sangina, as I like to call him.... or USED to call him *muahahahahaha*). I blame the aforementioned for my lack of updates, I apologize. Unless during my hiatus you were all throwing a little LJ party celebrating my hibernation, I'm not sure.

Hmm, work? Same old. Still at the call center at United Healthcare. It's a job. It's money. Moving toward eventually going to grad school, at least part time at night. Not particularly what I envisioned but when I spoke with the 'rents about grad school and figured out I'm essentially on my own because they have two other children to put through four years of undergrad, I had to spring for the bucks. I've been tossing around the idea of simultaneously going for my HR certification. Well see what happens with that.

Bahhhhhhston! What Linds and I had been waiting for since January. The weeks leading up to the great city were definitely moving along sluggishly. Finally Tues April 10 rolled around, went to work in the morning and left at noon so I got a good five hours in at the old ball n' chain. Sped home, showered, finished packing, went to lunch with Linds at Fazoli's and then it was off to the airport where it was essentially a ghost town so we checked in in about 4 nanoseconds then proceeded to sit in the shitty crappy shitty airport bar and had a drink as we waited two hours for our flight (what else are we supposed to do?). Took off around 4:30 pm, got into O'Hare about 50 mins later. Thank the Lord we just had an hour layover, although O'Hare is just a tad more entertaining than Austin Straubel, given we spent a majority of said hour looking for our gate. Well, not really. But we enjoyed some number two's from McD's by a Russian speaking couple. I just realized I'm spending a good chunk of this update talking about airports and frankly, nothing interesting has happened yet and I don't feel like deleting. This is called Saraistooboredtogotobedbuthastobeatworkinlessthansixhours.

Continuing. Fly into Beantown at abount 10:30 pm ET. Casey met us at Boston Logan and leapt off a bus, me and Linds thinking he was uber ecstatic to see us but in reality was rushing us onto another bus that was about to depart for the green line which we then had to take what seemed like a half mile-long escalator up to yet another subway platform to take the red line to Somerville where Casey resides, all the while lugging around our 50+ lb luggage. Real fun. Got the grand tour of 660 Somerville Ave, had the shittiest Chinese food we've had in our lives from this place called Happy Garden that's open till 1 am, then laid our sleepy heads down to rest. Next morning Casey was off to class but he had written down what buses/subways we had to go on for the New England Aquarium. Bus stop was right outside Casey's apartment so that was convenient. Got a hang of the entire MA transit system within the first day but wasn't all too worried about that because hey, we were on vacation and didn't really have to be at any place at any particular time. The aquarium was pretty spiffy. I still prefer the Shedd but the location was awesome. It sat right on the harbor where there were sailboats galore amongst a beautiful skyline. Went to some 3D Deep Sea IMAX which was narrated by the one and only Johnny Depp so, duh, of course we had to see it. After the aquarium we made our way back to the apartment and met up with Casey for grocery shopping. At dinner time we walked through Harvard (HUGE campus, you're walking over 30 mins and you're still technically on campus, it's amazing, the buildings are phenomenal) to Harvard Square where we dined at Border Cafe, a two story Mexican restaurant where they had absolutely amazing chips y salsa. My biggest fear came true. Lindsey had mentioned before our trip that she was guessing we'd be going out basically every night during our trip. Well, after din Casey suggested going out to some Harvard bars so commence round one, ding ding ding. Went to Red Line, a funky/sporty/posh bar, had a couple pints there then it was onto a Cambridge bar, Shay's, which is essentially their "Naw," though they only served beer and wine. Strange. Discovered that Miller Lite is extremely difficult to come upon so I was sticking with Corona and my personal equivelant to an "imported" Miller Lite, Amstel Light (loves it). I deduced that Green Bay is to Miller Lite as Boston is to Sam Adams (obviously, it is the Boston lager after all). Got a lil tipsy, slept well. 

Thursday was the Museum of Science which, how do I put it? Oh yeah. Sucked ass. I was excited for the Darwin display (mostly for you, Kimmy!) but it wasn't anything to write home about. Best part was having lunch atop the museum, overlooking the city. A ton of diaper-clad kids were running around the place, it was a nightmare. Wanted to go to the Led Zepplin laser show but alas, that was at 7:30 pm and since we were going to Boston to see Casey we thought it wouldn't be a good idea to come home at 10 pm. Settled on the planetarium which featured "Destination Moon." More ass sucking. It was a good laugh, though, I'd have to admit. Linds and I were having a bit too much fun with this electricity tube thingie where we obsessively were shocking each other's arms. We're 22 and 23 years old. 

That night Casey wasn't feeling the greatest. We were going to sit around with him, watching reruns of America's Next Top Model but he insisted we go out since it was our "spring break" (or what I like to call it). Case gave us some names of must-see bars and we headed to Central Square. Stopped at the Enormous Room, this bar above a nice restaurant with all wood floors, couches and huge pillows everywhere, people sitting around in socks and glasses of wine, showing Conan on the big screen (no, not the late night show, the movie starring Arnold). I think we would have liked that bar more had it not been as crowded so that was appropriately deemed a "one beer bar." Second bar was ZuZu. Hard to compare to a Green Bay bar but it reminded me of an El Toro with red walls and emo singers. We were two of about ten patrons there so we weren't too amused. Last stop of the night was at Middlesex, this Pi-esque bar with a live techno DJ so of course Linds and I were all over that. Proceeded to get preeeeetty drunk and spent the night with our new Italian friends, Mark (who sings a killer "God Bless America" might I add) and Carolina, and some French and Mexican guys. Took a cab back to Somerville which was surprisingly only $10. Drunkingly ate some Doritos while watching VH1, trying not to wake up Case and the roommates, then crashed.


March 11th, 2007

In other news


Apologies for the excess of posts, I have been MIA temporarily, despite posts of songs and American Idol.

A very happy early birthday goes out to Ms Amy Johnson, who's birthday was celebrated heavily this past Friday. I drove down to Milwaukee around 7 after work to meet up at Brandon's place in Marquette, shortly thereafter meeting up with Kristen, SID, Amy, her friend, Ben, Colleen, and her boo, Michael at the Safehouse (I had mentioned Safehouse in an earlier post, it is a CIA-themed restaurant/bar). Told SID, Kristen, and Brandon the password to get in in order to save them from utter humiliation (if you don't know the password to enter, they make you do embarrassing shit while a camcorder is taping you and the bar is laughing at your expense from the TVs that are hanging throughout the establishment, publicly displaying your misfortune). Danced our booties off, took endless pics, explored the entire place from left to right, top to bottom, found the secret way out through the phone booth, then we were off to McG's (I don't even know how to spell it so I shortened it). Extremely packed but we were lucky enough to find a table. Stayed there for a beer then headed to Brothers. Again, lucked out and found an empty booth. Had these red, white, and blue shots that were poured in martini glasses to the brim that were nothing short of amazing (although I was, as always, the only one who needs like four sips to finish the thing). After hitting up the downtown bars it was time for the obligatory drunk chow pitstop. Went to George Webb's (or "G Dubs" as the Milwaukee natives deem it), which is basically a run down Denny's but they have delish food and a policeman.

Next day, after playing some hungover Guitar Hero II with Brandon it was off to Elkhorn with SID to celebrate her g-ma's bday at a local bowling alley. Spent a couple games there, mingled, had some taco dip, then we made our way to Beloit to SID's condo. I finally showered, though I wasn't crabby yet, I hadn't broken my "must shower within 24 hours" rule. Went to Red Robin in Janesvile and discussed the night's happenings. Colleen had already went back to GB, Kristen had another party to attend, and Amy had other obligations so we had decided that it'd be fun to have an old SID/Brandon/Sara/Mark night (since Mark had been talking about coming up to Beloit the night before). Called Mark, wasn't able to find a car to get up here but no problems! SID and I agreed to road trip it to Chicago, about an hour and a half from Beloit (maybe a lil longer), picked up Mark, drove back to Beloit, and by the time we got to SID's place we were all tired and not in the drinking mood anymore lol. Never fear. Popped in some Borat and watched all the extras the DVD could offer then we all crashed, seeing as how we were going to lose an hour *curses daylight savings*

Today was basically full of driving, nothing too exciting. Drove Mark back downtown Chicago, then turned BACK around and made my way to UWM so I could drop off my bro's glasses and finally made it to GB around 6. Phew. Need a nap. I think I spent a majority of the weekend in my car but it was very well worth it. I'm sure pictures will be posted on Facebook sooner than later :)

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