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*Note: Longer post due to Boston update. This will have to be a two-parter.

Damn work, Facebook, Myspace, and American Idol (namely Sangina, as I like to call him.... or USED to call him *muahahahahaha*). I blame the aforementioned for my lack of updates, I apologize. Unless during my hiatus you were all throwing a little LJ party celebrating my hibernation, I'm not sure.

Hmm, work? Same old. Still at the call center at United Healthcare. It's a job. It's money. Moving toward eventually going to grad school, at least part time at night. Not particularly what I envisioned but when I spoke with the 'rents about grad school and figured out I'm essentially on my own because they have two other children to put through four years of undergrad, I had to spring for the bucks. I've been tossing around the idea of simultaneously going for my HR certification. Well see what happens with that.

Bahhhhhhston! What Linds and I had been waiting for since January. The weeks leading up to the great city were definitely moving along sluggishly. Finally Tues April 10 rolled around, went to work in the morning and left at noon so I got a good five hours in at the old ball n' chain. Sped home, showered, finished packing, went to lunch with Linds at Fazoli's and then it was off to the airport where it was essentially a ghost town so we checked in in about 4 nanoseconds then proceeded to sit in the shitty crappy shitty airport bar and had a drink as we waited two hours for our flight (what else are we supposed to do?). Took off around 4:30 pm, got into O'Hare about 50 mins later. Thank the Lord we just had an hour layover, although O'Hare is just a tad more entertaining than Austin Straubel, given we spent a majority of said hour looking for our gate. Well, not really. But we enjoyed some number two's from McD's by a Russian speaking couple. I just realized I'm spending a good chunk of this update talking about airports and frankly, nothing interesting has happened yet and I don't feel like deleting. This is called Saraistooboredtogotobedbuthastobeatworkinlessthansixhours.

Continuing. Fly into Beantown at abount 10:30 pm ET. Casey met us at Boston Logan and leapt off a bus, me and Linds thinking he was uber ecstatic to see us but in reality was rushing us onto another bus that was about to depart for the green line which we then had to take what seemed like a half mile-long escalator up to yet another subway platform to take the red line to Somerville where Casey resides, all the while lugging around our 50+ lb luggage. Real fun. Got the grand tour of 660 Somerville Ave, had the shittiest Chinese food we've had in our lives from this place called Happy Garden that's open till 1 am, then laid our sleepy heads down to rest. Next morning Casey was off to class but he had written down what buses/subways we had to go on for the New England Aquarium. Bus stop was right outside Casey's apartment so that was convenient. Got a hang of the entire MA transit system within the first day but wasn't all too worried about that because hey, we were on vacation and didn't really have to be at any place at any particular time. The aquarium was pretty spiffy. I still prefer the Shedd but the location was awesome. It sat right on the harbor where there were sailboats galore amongst a beautiful skyline. Went to some 3D Deep Sea IMAX which was narrated by the one and only Johnny Depp so, duh, of course we had to see it. After the aquarium we made our way back to the apartment and met up with Casey for grocery shopping. At dinner time we walked through Harvard (HUGE campus, you're walking over 30 mins and you're still technically on campus, it's amazing, the buildings are phenomenal) to Harvard Square where we dined at Border Cafe, a two story Mexican restaurant where they had absolutely amazing chips y salsa. My biggest fear came true. Lindsey had mentioned before our trip that she was guessing we'd be going out basically every night during our trip. Well, after din Casey suggested going out to some Harvard bars so commence round one, ding ding ding. Went to Red Line, a funky/sporty/posh bar, had a couple pints there then it was onto a Cambridge bar, Shay's, which is essentially their "Naw," though they only served beer and wine. Strange. Discovered that Miller Lite is extremely difficult to come upon so I was sticking with Corona and my personal equivelant to an "imported" Miller Lite, Amstel Light (loves it). I deduced that Green Bay is to Miller Lite as Boston is to Sam Adams (obviously, it is the Boston lager after all). Got a lil tipsy, slept well. 

Thursday was the Museum of Science which, how do I put it? Oh yeah. Sucked ass. I was excited for the Darwin display (mostly for you, Kimmy!) but it wasn't anything to write home about. Best part was having lunch atop the museum, overlooking the city. A ton of diaper-clad kids were running around the place, it was a nightmare. Wanted to go to the Led Zepplin laser show but alas, that was at 7:30 pm and since we were going to Boston to see Casey we thought it wouldn't be a good idea to come home at 10 pm. Settled on the planetarium which featured "Destination Moon." More ass sucking. It was a good laugh, though, I'd have to admit. Linds and I were having a bit too much fun with this electricity tube thingie where we obsessively were shocking each other's arms. We're 22 and 23 years old. 

That night Casey wasn't feeling the greatest. We were going to sit around with him, watching reruns of America's Next Top Model but he insisted we go out since it was our "spring break" (or what I like to call it). Case gave us some names of must-see bars and we headed to Central Square. Stopped at the Enormous Room, this bar above a nice restaurant with all wood floors, couches and huge pillows everywhere, people sitting around in socks and glasses of wine, showing Conan on the big screen (no, not the late night show, the movie starring Arnold). I think we would have liked that bar more had it not been as crowded so that was appropriately deemed a "one beer bar." Second bar was ZuZu. Hard to compare to a Green Bay bar but it reminded me of an El Toro with red walls and emo singers. We were two of about ten patrons there so we weren't too amused. Last stop of the night was at Middlesex, this Pi-esque bar with a live techno DJ so of course Linds and I were all over that. Proceeded to get preeeeetty drunk and spent the night with our new Italian friends, Mark (who sings a killer "God Bless America" might I add) and Carolina, and some French and Mexican guys. Took a cab back to Somerville which was surprisingly only $10. Drunkingly ate some Doritos while watching VH1, trying not to wake up Case and the roommates, then crashed.

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