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Pahk the cah in Hahvid Squahhh

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(cont. from previous Boston post)

Friday we were planning on going to the Salem Witch Museum and the Sam Adams Brewery tour but we had decided we were big enough nerds the first two days and decided to explore downtown Boston since it was a relatively nice day out. Walked around Newberry Ave which is their equivelant to a Rodeo Dr or Magnificant Mile. Prada, Gucci, Guess, Juicy, Chanel, you name it, it was there. Enjoyed the scenery at Boston Commons, their "Central Park" and admired the swans you ride in that they have to push out in the middle of the pond at night so the hobos don't sleep in them (per Casey). I had heard of a Little Italy so after asking two t-shirt vendors and walking about 20 mins later, we came upon Little Italy. TONS of Italian eateries, all authentic of course. Ate at Cafe Pompeii where we had the BEST BEST BEST mozerella sticks in the universe. I'd have to say my pesto was to die for as well. The owner of the bar, some greasy 45 year old Italian guy decided it'd be a good idea to sit there and literally pet my hair. Interesting. Trudged back to the train station after walking what seemed like a hundred miles and went back to Caseum's. That night we got ready to go out after incessantly jumping on Casey's bed and messing up his room. Met up with our friend from GB, Jeremy, who was in town working for the upcoming marathon, at Beantown Pub downtown for some drinks and appetizers. I had a longing desire to go to a bar Casey's roommate was telling me about called the Liquor Store. There is a dress code but once inside you are served forties in paper bags AND to top the classy dress/shitty drink atmosphere, there is a mechanical bull. Now, tell me, how magical would that be to sit around in pointies, drinking out of a paper bag, watching the drunk hooties and tools ride the bull? That's my kind of Friday night (and I'm not being facetious). Ended up Jeremy's friend, Amanda, who had joined him was wearing tennies, thus we couldn't go to the one bar I was yearning to go to. I would seriously fly back to Boston just to experience a bar like the Liquor Store, lol. Basically all the bars either a. had a long line, b. had a cover, or c. were packed to the brim. We settled on a bar that reminded me of Ned Kelly's (a downtown GB bar) for 30 somethings. Had to pay a $5 cover which wasn't a biggie but I was a little disappointed for the most point just because I could have picked out maybe 20 bars like that in Green Bay. Whatevs! Life goes on.

Though Friday night didn't turn out as planned and was a downer we didn't get all that tipsy, it was a blessing in disguise because the next day was *ta-daaaaaa!* SIX FLAGS!!!!!! The idea of being hungover on a rollercoaster wasn't exactly appealing to me so realy, I saved myself a lot of money and headaches (probably vomit as well, I apologize for the visual). Linds, Casey, his roommate Chadlyr (who is obsessed with coasters) and I all hopped in our rental mini Cooper (which I renamed the "mini Cooper-Nichol-Cooper-Roberts"... OC fans get it) and drove to Springfield, Mass, about an hour and a half away. Sunny, low 50s (so a smidge chilly for riding on coasters) and opening day, it was perfect. Surprisingly not a huge crowd, I'm assuming due to the temperature. I was finally on my first coaster since summer of 04 and it felt gooooooooooooood. Went on every rollercoaster there, including the #1 rated steel rollercoaster in the world, oh yes, the world. Totally beat out Raging Bull (which has been my fave coaster since it opened in the late 90's). Linds and I had been planning on going out in Fenway that night, a city about a half hour from Boston, to an apparently famous club called Avalon but after an entire day of coasters, your legs really aren't in much of a mood for heels, more or less dancing. Made it home around 11:30 pm and we crashed around midnight. A little upset we couldn't see the "big city clubs" but Six Flags was well worth it. I'll take coasters over dancing :)

The dreaded day was upon us... Sunday. Time to fly back to the homeland. Wow, is it ever depressing flying over Wisconsin. What a boring ass state! Though I can't bash it, it really isn't that horrible but man is it a bitch to fly over. Landed in GB around 3:30 pm CT and after zooming through a summary of my vacation to my parents I jumped into my velour and took a much needed four hour nap.

Now it's back to reality. Except maybe in a few months for the potential trip to CA..........  ;)
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