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And she's back...

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And she's back...

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Wow, this thing has gotten rusty. Gone are the days of college when I'd run into the arms of LJ, longing for some form of procrastination. Sadly enough, I can't really procrastinate from work so there's my sore excuse for not updating. Not that I always have "plans" at night but I have some semblance of a social life. And shopping. At least Thursday night routines of Bar East volleyball and BWW's, can't break that.
Looked at my last mono-infested entry and trying to think of anything relevant that's actually happened since then.
Got to spend a long Labor Day weekend in Chicago with Mark :) Two weekends in a row! That must be a record for us. Did some outlet shopping at Guess, went out to Zella (a bar), had some amaaaazing taquito-esque appetizers at Rock Bottom, hung out in his friends impressive basement (sound system sounds like a club essentially), had some staple Chicago food, deep dish pizza... it was quite the time!
Oh! News. Got myself a new job :) No more insurance for this lady. The new job is at Brown County Human Services and basically I'm a case worker for low income families that need referrals for assistance programs. Pretty sweet! At least it has to do with my major. Though working at home would have been nothing short of amazing, I'm pumped to actually be doing something that I enjoy. First day there is Oct 1st (sadly having to miss the Maroon 5 concert with Decker.. blast!) and the last day at United is the last Wed of Sept., then planning on visiting Decker and Beep in MN that Thurs through Sun. Woot woot.
Oh more news. So as you all may know, Jenny K graced WI with her presence for this past week. From sunny Monterrey, CA to the now chilly Green Bay, WI, that's right. She was here from the 8th until today and acted as my pseudo roomie, staying on the top bunk and having to deal with my incessant alarms that go off Mon-Fri. Some highlights of what we did over the past week:
- Appleton for Chili's and some shopping
- swimming and hot tubbing at Lindsey's new place, TMI at Legends
- met up with Kathleen, Melissa, Lisa L, and Kristen at the Naw
- BAG with Decker, her mom, Jeff, Dain and our new ugly, Mike
- Applebee's, clearance shopping, and rental movies with Kimmy
- costume shopping, volleyball, and B-dubs for the tradish Thurs night
- more Naw on Fri night with Kimmy (in a business suit, mind you!), Wendy, Tricia, and some unwanted company
- more B-bubs on Sat along with Super Troopers and Shenanigan's with SID and Brandon (met up with Katie, Jeff, the crew) where I proceeded to win a free quarter barrel party, thanks to the help of Brandon and his boxers! (haha long story)
Phew! Definitely a fun week and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Felt like the week went by forever but didn't want Jenny to leave this morning :| Now back to real life. Although I only work Mon-Wed and a half day Thurs so it won't be too too bad (hopefully). Just trying to use up my PTO before I'm done.
See you kids later!
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