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Stream of conciousness here... just kind of typing out of boredom because of training.

I am super duper excited for New Years 2008, just gotta throw that one out there. I'm spending it in Chitown with the boy (first NYE together so that's big) and spending it in a city like Chicago? WOW. Not to mention his married friends, Ed and Estie, are house, I'm sorry, mansion-sitting for Ed's uncle who's traveling in Rome for 10 months so they're thinking of hosting a party in said mansion. *tingles, yay!* December is definitely flying by so NYE will be approaching rapidly.

Speaking of December, I'm extremely proud of the fact that I have my Xmas shopping 90% finished. Go me! My goal is to be completely done over the weekend; I already have the gifts I bought all wrapped and sitting happily under the tree. Normally I'm a "week or two before Christmas" gal but trying to change my procrastinating ways. Next year I'm going to shoot for early December. Baby steps, people.

Just a quick shout out to Starbucks: props on your caramel apple spice. Loves it!

Omg I think that our trainer is going to let us out early. It's 11:38 am. Holy crap. I was going to write more but I think it's time to sign off.... I'll be back later if we don't peace out!
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