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Another to add to the list...

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Another to add to the list...

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Whoa, look, it's me! I've been missing in action in a serious way and there must have been some dendrite or synapse or something that went off in my brain yesterday that made me remember, "Hey, Sara, stop neglecting LJ." I know that's basically what every post is about but I'll try and be a better e-mom. I just hope this isn't indicative how I would be as a real life mom, lol jk brb ttfn lmao rotfl bff!
So for lack of better things to write about and reason to blow the last 15 minutes at work is my list of media midnight purchases. For some reason, don't ask why, I feel the need to make a Wal-Mart run at midnight the day any CDs/DVDs are released (ones that I hardcore like, at least). No, I'm not going to go home and watch it right away... who are you kidding?? I gotta work at 7! Do I get rewarded with a cookie or medal whenever I make said purchases the minute they come out (literally)? Nope. Do I have a massive crowd there, cheering me on as I proudly make my way to the checkout with my prized DVD? Absoluately not. Do I oddly feel a sense of pride and accomplishment just knowing I am the first in Green Bay, the Midwest, heck, maybe even WISCONSIN to own that particular item? Yes. There's your answer. Can't really explain it, it's just one of my "things." A quirk, if you will. So, please, indulge in the list of all my midnight purchases and feel free to leave any kudos, send cards and chocolates, and in general, just admire me for the awesomeness that I radiate just for being the first person to hold a dumb movie/CD in my hand:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
OAR (by accident) - Between Now and Then
Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Simple Life 3
Simple Life 4 (you're all amazed, I know)
The OC season 3 (opened the box on the palette myself, thank you)
Across the Universe
Sweeney Todd (had to beat eight groups of people for that bugger!)
Juno (my most recent midnighter)


Stay tuned for a real post. One day.
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