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In other news

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In other news

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Apologies for the excess of posts, I have been MIA temporarily, despite posts of songs and American Idol.

A very happy early birthday goes out to Ms Amy Johnson, who's birthday was celebrated heavily this past Friday. I drove down to Milwaukee around 7 after work to meet up at Brandon's place in Marquette, shortly thereafter meeting up with Kristen, SID, Amy, her friend, Ben, Colleen, and her boo, Michael at the Safehouse (I had mentioned Safehouse in an earlier post, it is a CIA-themed restaurant/bar). Told SID, Kristen, and Brandon the password to get in in order to save them from utter humiliation (if you don't know the password to enter, they make you do embarrassing shit while a camcorder is taping you and the bar is laughing at your expense from the TVs that are hanging throughout the establishment, publicly displaying your misfortune). Danced our booties off, took endless pics, explored the entire place from left to right, top to bottom, found the secret way out through the phone booth, then we were off to McG's (I don't even know how to spell it so I shortened it). Extremely packed but we were lucky enough to find a table. Stayed there for a beer then headed to Brothers. Again, lucked out and found an empty booth. Had these red, white, and blue shots that were poured in martini glasses to the brim that were nothing short of amazing (although I was, as always, the only one who needs like four sips to finish the thing). After hitting up the downtown bars it was time for the obligatory drunk chow pitstop. Went to George Webb's (or "G Dubs" as the Milwaukee natives deem it), which is basically a run down Denny's but they have delish food and a policeman.

Next day, after playing some hungover Guitar Hero II with Brandon it was off to Elkhorn with SID to celebrate her g-ma's bday at a local bowling alley. Spent a couple games there, mingled, had some taco dip, then we made our way to Beloit to SID's condo. I finally showered, though I wasn't crabby yet, I hadn't broken my "must shower within 24 hours" rule. Went to Red Robin in Janesvile and discussed the night's happenings. Colleen had already went back to GB, Kristen had another party to attend, and Amy had other obligations so we had decided that it'd be fun to have an old SID/Brandon/Sara/Mark night (since Mark had been talking about coming up to Beloit the night before). Called Mark, wasn't able to find a car to get up here but no problems! SID and I agreed to road trip it to Chicago, about an hour and a half from Beloit (maybe a lil longer), picked up Mark, drove back to Beloit, and by the time we got to SID's place we were all tired and not in the drinking mood anymore lol. Never fear. Popped in some Borat and watched all the extras the DVD could offer then we all crashed, seeing as how we were going to lose an hour *curses daylight savings*

Today was basically full of driving, nothing too exciting. Drove Mark back downtown Chicago, then turned BACK around and made my way to UWM so I could drop off my bro's glasses and finally made it to GB around 6. Phew. Need a nap. I think I spent a majority of the weekend in my car but it was very well worth it. I'm sure pictures will be posted on Facebook sooner than later :)

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