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Punto de vista

Here I am, world.

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Here I am, world.

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Deepest apologies, I "ditto" with T's comment regarding the utliization of LJ to procrastinate from college HW versus a big girl job, which, in all reality, you can't procrastinate from caaaaause it's kind of mandatory. I also blame my hiatus from LJ on my fling with Facebook but LJ is officially a blocked site from work now so scratch that. Nothing too interesting thus far this summer, I'll try my best to summarize in one post but it will be a feat seeing as how I have a tendency to ramble. Accept the fact.

Some highlights since my last post.....

* My dad's 50th - Glaser side of the fam came over for a cookout to celebrate my dad's big 5-0. Went off without a hitch, let me tell you! All my crazy aunts attended as well as a couple friends (Jeff and Kim). The day was filled with bocce ball, testicle toss, and of course, a growing favorite of the Glaser clan, Flip Cup: Inferno. No, they aren't drunks, it's a growing fave because we play it once a year at cookouts now (starting last year) so it's deemed a special occassion to be able to play it. Team Bunny prevailed and claimed our victory over Team Ramrod by going out to some outdoor bars after the party died down a bit. It was definitely a late waker-upper the next day. 
* Beer Olympics - Katie and Co. planned the first annual Beer Olympics, held at our friend, Ryan's place (absolutely MASSIVE backyard). There was a registration table and everything, Katie had even the minute details down pat! Katie manned said table, collecting the $5 fees and distributing cups. We were each paired with another teammate and at times were paired with another team if the game required it (aka flippy cup). Other activities included testicle toss, beanbags, volleyball, and beer pong. As the team spirit and coordination watered down it was time to start up a fire in what now used to be a fire pit. Why do I use the past tense? Hm, well after what party-goers thought would be a great idea to throw in wedding pics of Ryan and his ex-wife in the fire (I think it was more just Ryan and Nick doing the disposal of the ex), Nick and Ryan decided "let's throw in anything remotely related to the ex!". Enter the CD player. Not sure if it was a gift from the ex-wife or what but electronics were definitely thrown into that thing. At this point the fire is essentially raging, everyone moved their chairs back a good 10 feet. Next thing they toss in? Oh. Oh. A massage chair (well, one of those massage thingies you put on the back of a chair). Everyone was yelling at Ryan to salvage it but it was too late, the wires were melting and the materials aflame as we all stared on in disbelief. The next thing tossed was random but the most dangerous, an entire jar of tomato juice. An entire GLASS jar. Not fun. About 15 mins after that sucker was thrown in, about a quarter of the people had some type of lesion on their hands/feet after it literally exploded. All in all it was a fabulous event aaaaand definitely cannot wait until next year (apparently we are voting on/changing backyards every four years just like the real thing, how clever, right? I guess they still plan on these Beer Olympics when they're in their early 30's lol, I love my friends).
* My 23rd - Lazed around the house a majority of the day (note, this was the day after aforementioned Olympics) then went to Grazie's for my free bday dinner with some of my bestests. Headed to 'Duzzie's and the Bar West for the free bday drinks and then downtown to Shenanigan's for some spicy shuffleboard action. Apparently I was deeming anything and everything as hate crimes that night from us staying at Katie's to stopping at Walgreen's on the way home, lol. Big thanks to everyone who made it out, I definitely had an amazing time and missed everyone who wasn't there, especially my birthday twin, Jenny!!!
* Visiting Mark - Anytime! Last time I saw him, though, was over a month ago and it's killin' me! Got to see the boyfriend the weekend before my birthday and had a blast. Had the luxury of staying at a Mariott in Bolingbrook (suburb about 15 mins from where he lives) and not just any suite, a whirlpool suite :) Definitely a memorable weekend. Next time I get to see him will be the week of July 4th, which is up next.....
* July 4th - Okay, I know it hasn't happened yet but I am super super pumped (as I always get over the 4th!) but even moreso this time because Mark is spending it in GB, yayyyyy :) Met him 3 years ago on the 4th in downtown GB (some of you were there) so it will def be nostalgic, but in a good way! Spending the day with Mark, Kim, Brad, Jeff, Katie, Jessie, Ryan, Linds and Garret (maybe), and whomever else decides to show. Normally run into randoms from HS as well. An 80's cover band I went to see a  number of months ago, Replica, will be playing as well as Separate Ways, a Journey tribute band *double yay* Also staying at the Holiday Inn with Mark, Kim, and Brad so a) won't have to cab it back from the downtown bars seeing as it's right on the river, and b) no porta-potties! Corn on the cob, crab rangoons, Mark, great friends, shitty/amazing bands... it'll be a good one :)
* Seeing long distance buds - aka Decker and Kathleen. Although just for a short period of time, I am absolutely elated when I get to spend time with my girls, all of you guys! Makes me happy to think that we can still continue to keep touch though literally hundreds of miles apart. (Btw Kimmy, it's been WAY too long! Over a year and a half *gasp!*)
* Last week of July - Casey visits!!!! 'Nuf said.

Sorry about the novela of a post. I will honestly try to update this baby more often, don't want this thing to get rusty. I miss you all like crazy and look forward to reading about all your marvelous summer anecdotes!
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