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Punto de vista

5 day weekend, woot woot!

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5 day weekend, woot woot!

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May I take a moment to point out that this is quite the feat for me, updating my journal within a couple weeks! Gold star for Sara.

So my five day weekend is coming to a close, quite depressing. I know that I shouldn't whine, I was lucky to have off Thursday and Friday following the 4th (of course using PTO might I add) but Sundays in general are always depressing in nature, unless you're in school or have a part time job.

Tuesday night I decided to brave the pouring rain to make the 3 hour trek to Chicago (I'm being dramatic, it was only pouring rain for approx 15 mins). After enjoying the best smelling ride there (after rain smell, mmm!) I spent the night at Mark's then we were off to Green Bay on Wednesday morning to enjoy the 4th with my "posse" downtown Green Bay. Got a couple hotel rooms with my friend Kim and her boo, Brad, and met up with Linds, Kathleen, Katie, Jeff, Jessie, etc etc. The day was filled with Miller Lite, funnel cake, kettle corn, hamburgers, and other such goodies that leave a party in your mouth*. Kind of remember there being loud noises and flashes in the air later on at night then made our way to Maloney's and Firehouse. More beer and shots to be consumed, not aiding at all in the headaches that were to follow the next morning. Stumbled back to the hotel room at about 1:30 am and we were all out cold. Thursday Mark and I were back to Chicago since he had to work. Met up with Billy and K-herb *yayyy!* at Applebee's then did a little shopping at Target and Kohl's while Mark was slaving away with a hangover (I'm sure that wasn't exactly the definition of a good time). Friday brought a nice dinner at Palermo's (Best. Pesto. Ever. Even better than the pesto at Little Italy in Boston) and browsing through the wonder that is Borders. Saturday was relaxing, we were planning on a bike ride but we weren't really feelin' the 90+ weather with 1,000% humidity so we decided on a movie, Michael Moore's "Sicko" which essentially explores the (many) evils of health care.** I recommend. Today was another relaxing, sunny day. Had some lunch at Applebee's with Mark and then it was soon time to head back to peace up A-town (aka Ashwaubenon). Before I loaded up my precious Vidal for the journey home, Mark's mom said she had something for me and whipped out... *drum roll please* an IPASS!!!! I've been meaning to get one of those things for months and months on end and for some reason, always forget to pick one up whenever I'm down thurr. I was absolutely elated; gone are the days of sitting in your idling car, waiting for that asshole who can't seem to toss their coins into the two foot-wide toll funnel and have to get out of their car to pick up every single quarter. Gone are the days of driving down with Kimmy, sans an iPass, accidently missing the cash tolls and going through the open road tolling when I'm too busy freaking out over the phone rather than handing Kimmy the damn 80 cents. Oh no. You'll be seein' this girl going "65 mph" with my top down (well, not really), whizzing by the open tolls. After giving her a big hug I immediately called to activate my little white box of wonders. My "thank you" card will be in the mail! On the way home I swung by the Lake Forest Oasis for some late lunch with Kathleen where she presented me with a fabulous homemade nightlight (of sorts) with decoupaged pics of her and I on it (collective "awww!"). Loves it!

Got a call from Jeff and Beth, asking if I'd want to swing by Beth's aunt's place for a little post-4th soiree. Hmm in-ground pool? Count me in. Stayed there for a couple hours then once it hit 8:30 it was time to go home (finally). Just got back around 11 and am really not looking forward to work tomorrow. I switch from my four 10 hr days to five 8's (arrrgh). No more sleeping in on Thursdays *le sigh* Oh well. I guess I have the plus sides of this past week(end): seeing Mark, "Sicko," my iPass, lunch with 'Leen, and swimming. Oh! There is also a double episode of "Girlfriends" on Sunday nights (don't ask... black sitcom I watch religiously. I don't have cable).

Have a good week, kids. Make good decisions.

*Taking this time to interject with my fave quote from Jenny K. We were at the SNC caf and she was having something that tried to resemble breakfast pizza. When asked how it was, Jenny replied, "It's like a party in my mouth... only none of the cool kids were invited," now this is where I proceed to spit out water in laughter and swear to myself that is how I will describe mediocre-tasting foods from here on forth.
**Reason I saw said movie is since I work at United Health, I was intrigued by what Mr. Moore discovered. I need to remain somewhat censored here (freedom of speech only goes so far), but it was a jaw-dropping experience (not in a good way). The terrorists housed at Guantanamo Bay receive better (read: free) and more comprehensive health care than Americans. Same goes with Canadians, the British, the French, and probably countless other countries. Example: One guy couldn't receive a bone marrow transplant because it was considered "experimental" and not "scientifically proven" (covering my ass: this was not United but another insurance company). Oh really? Not scientifically proven? Tell that to his wife who will end up having to shell out thousands more for his funeral (which occurred just weeks later, might I add).

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